Sometimes called "Track Dogs", "Run Dogs", "Chase Dogs"
The key to successful muscle building is to combine resistance training with proper
nutrition and effective supplements so that an optimal anabolic environment is
created.  This has been achieved, along with proper nutrition, with the use of dogs
to create an environment of fear induced adrenaline production.  The object is to
not let the dogs hurt the animal (sheep, goats, calves), but to simulate a flight
response in the animal.  The prey animal (sheep/goat/calf), seeing the predator
(dog), responds with a flight or fight response.  Flight, or running away from
perceived danger, increases adrenaline which causes fat to be metabolised and
muscle produced.

A leaner, more fit, more muscular show animal is what the judges are looking for in
today's shows.  To be a top contender, the use of exercise dogs is a valuable tool
in today's show arena.  
We have several track-dog prospects available.

These dogs are high-drive, athletic, fast and are strong heel dogs.  They
come vaccinated, are kept on a regular deworming program and are on
Interceptor (heartworm preventative).  

They know basic obedience - but are not trained for the track.  If I train
them, the price is $1500.00.  

Their price varies - just enough to cover some expenses.  There is nothing
wrong with these dogs --- they are sweet natured, outgoing and have been
socialized with other animals.  Our program is geared toward natural
heading ability, with desire to fetch and gather, not heel dogs.  They simply
do not fit into our program.   
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