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Sometimes things just don't work out, for whatever
reason(s) a dog may need to be re-homed.  Usually,
the reason is totally HUMAN ERROR.  Error being,
the human did not research the breed; life changes
(at no fault of the owner); personality conflict
between owner/family and dog; or a vast number of

All of the dogs on this page are not rescues, some
just need a different home.
 These are not 'defective'
dogs, they just ended up in the wrong place, wrong
house, wrong handler, or could be an accidental
mating (which does happen from time to time).

PLEASE contact the person listed for more
information about the dog.
If anyone is interested in any of these rescues; there is no adoption fee, shipping (and costs associated
with shipping) would be the expense of the adopter.  We do request that you neuter or spay.  Please
make sure you are willing to make a long-term commitment, treat them with the respect they deserve
and love them unconditionally.

HNR Working Kelpies for more information  
Since we've been raising and training stock dogs, we have rescued countless Kelpies, 7 Border Collies, over 100
ACD's, 1 Labrador, 2 Anatolians, several Australian Shepherds and many mixed breeds.  All-in-all, they were good
dogs. They were dogs that were with the wrong handler/owner.  They were dogs that were cast aside because they
no longer fit a purpose, did not or could not work to one person's expectations, was to slow, was the wrong color,
didn't have the correct ear set, and/or many other nonsensical reasons.  When placed with the right person that knew
the breed, these were dogs that succeeded.  The new owners accepted them for their shortcomings and capitalized
on their talents.   

Out of all of those rescues, only 2 Kelpies had to be euthanized because they were so severely mentally abused they
could not be rehabilitated.

A dog is a living breathing animal with a heart and soul.  They think, work problems out, morn for lost loved ones, and
would lay down their life for their master.  They have, since the beginning of time, been our beast of burden, our bed
warmers, our protection, and our loyal companions.  For someone to view and treat a dog as a tool to be discarded,
chained continuously, mistreated, mentally and physically abused or killed because of THEIR shortcomings as a
trainer/handler, has no heart or place in a dogs world.

Our deepest thanks and gratitude to those that helped with the transportation, gave support with kind words and to
those that took these dogs into their home.