The Boys
The Girls
Australian Cattle Dogs were bred and
selected, for many years, for their ability as
a driving (pushing livestock) dog; meaning,
you must teach them to gather and fetch.  

Our ACD's are bred to have natural instinct
and a strong desire to work any breed of
livestock. They are athletic, able to work long
hours and are physically and mentally sound.
 They are loyal to their handler with a
dominant personality and a "try anything"
attitude. Their intelligence affords them the
ability to be very creative if not kept mentally
and physically occupied.  They love a
challenge and learning new things.  These
are not a breed of dog for everyone and
certainly not for the novice or first time dog
owner. They are not suited for apartment
life, nor suited for a life forgotten in the back
yard. They are best suited for (but also excel
at other tasks) what they were genetically
bred for many years to do --- herd livestock.