In Loving Memory
IP's Quaid Rey Raider
December 05, 1999 - April 07, 2005
Quaid was amazing.  His working
ability and knowing how to handle
situations that required a dog to
"think" was breath taking.  He was
kind to the babies, and hard on the
adults - when he needed to be.  He was
a true gentleman.
A person is only allowed one "good" dog
in their lifetime, she was mine.  No
other dog, before her or after her, can
hold a candle to her intelligence,
working ability, insight and
She changed my life forever and made
me a better person.  I will never be the
same since her passing.  There is a void
in my life that can never be filled.
Rest well my friend.

In Unforgettable Memory of
IP's Baby Dumplin Lace
November 01, 1991 - November 30, 2005