Gus is a Rogue Tuff/Doss-Tex Duster son.  
He is a very nice male, lots of bone, with a wonderful
personality and temperament.  He has plenty of eye, but is not
sticky.  Gus is my number one dog that I use everyday.  He is
dependable and consistent.  He is also used to help train the
young dogs to help them gain the experience needed to
efficiently work stock.

I had sold Gus when he was a year old.  Two weeks later, the
man brought him back saying he wouldn't work for him; was
kennel bound; and pretty much called him worthless.
I am so thankful he was returned, selling him was the worst
mistake I could have ever made.  There isn't enough money in
this world to ever make me sell him again.

Gus and I just click.  I've never had to use a harsh word to him,
because he is such an obedient dog that really tries to please.

He is a proven producer of
cattle/sheep/goat working dogs and trial dogs.
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