Bobcat is from imported parents.  His
personality is something I've never seen.  
He never takes correction personally, he
doesn't pout or sulk.  He is always happy
and ready to work.  One only has to look
at his genetics to see his potential.  Bobcat
was slow to mentally mature; physically
he's a nice sized dog with lots of bone.  
He's athletic, fast with a great personality
and temperament  He is not soft nor
overly hard.

He is ALL business when it comes to
working.  His outrun is nice and wide
(naturally), lift/fetch great, and bites when
necessary.  He does tend to be a little
pushy and strong.   
Riana Don
Riana Nick
Seduki Toy
*Riana Sam
Riana Steel II
Riana Quinn
Riana Gem II
Doss-Tex Felis
Rufus ("Bobcat")
(WKC Registered)
Riana Nap
Riana Cap
Riana Bula
*Riana Kayla II
Riana Glen
Riana Sady
Riana Polly