About our Working Kelpies
Our Working Kelpies are bred to work all breeds of livestock. They have natural
herding ability with a strong desire to work. All of this is coupled with a great temperament
and wonderful personality. With their natural herding ability, there is no need to "train" them
to work livestock (they have the desire), "management" is the only thing needed to ensure
that they understand what the handler wants and needs of them. Their superior intelligence
makes them easy to handle and manage.

Some puppies start showing a desire to herd when they are around 8 weeks of age.  Some
puppies show a desire later.  Every puppy is an individual and therefore; should not be
handled or trained in the same text-book manner.  What works for one puppy, will not work
for another.  Every puppy or dog should be handled with respect, love and given every
opportunity to reach his full potential in life.  

Starting out, we make sure the pup has a solid foundation for this will be the foundation his
entire working career is based on in the future.

We make sure the pup wins at every task we ask of him. This builds confidence and a
good strong foundation. We start our pups learning commands that they will need for later
in their working career. They are allowed in the house and are a part of the family. They
are socialized everyday with other dogs and the livestock. They are able to see, hear,
smell and interact with the livestock --- though never being put in harms way.

Once they start showing interest in working, we start letting them work in a controlled
environment. Still, we go to great lengths to make sure the pup wins at every angle. We
want to make sure the pup *thinks* he's the one moving the stock, even if we are the factor
behind the movement.
As the pup gains confidence and matures mentally and physically, we ask more and more
of him --- making sure he is never placed in a position of being hurt, getting overly tired, or
Our Ethics:
All of our dogs are fed quality food. Their vaccinations are kept up to date. They are
administered "Interceptor" (heart worm preventative) once a month. We exercise them
everyday. During the summer, they swim on a daily basis to help keep them in shape both
physically and mentally. They are our companions as well as working dogs.  They are a
very important part of our life, our livestock operation and are treasured for the commitment
that they show us every day.

Our puppies are socialized and raised with love. I guarantee our pups will work, if given the
opportunity and raised and handled properly. They are bred for natural herding ability, so
there is no need for harsh words or a heavy hand. They only need to be managed in a way
as to show them what the handler expects and wants.

A Brief History of the Australian Kelpie
The Working Kelpie is a herding breed that originated in Australia in the mid 1800's. It must
be stressed that the Kelpie breed was NOT formed from Border Collies. In fact, the Border
Collie was not formed until some time after the Kelpie was well established. The two
breeds, however; were both formed by mixing different strains of working Colleys in
England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland and developing them to suit the needs of the
situation. The Dingo is also thought to have played a part in some of the early
development by a lot of breeders at a later stage. The breed of the Kelpie was then
developed from a number of different strains of good dogs especially for Australian
conditions and Australian methods of handling sheep and stock and is an entirely
Australian breed.

It is the versatility of the Working Kelpie, their extraordinary athletic ability, and an
extremely high level of intelligence that make these dogs an excellent choice for working all
breeds of livestock. It is not their nature to be aggressive and many make fine working
companions. Although they are aloof with strangers, they do not make good guard dogs.

HNR Working Kelpies
Our objective is to breed superior herding dogs with the use of good solid genetics,
selective breeding and years of experience in both livestock production and animal
science. We are well versed in and have spent many years studying genetics. Genetics is
the foundation that our breeding program is based upon, along with knowledge of
livestock, canine behavior and working-dog experience.

We strive to place our puppies with responsible, loving owners who will continue to
provide excellent care, proper facilities, and a lifestyle that would keep any Working Kelpie
mentally and physically active.  We offer assistance with training, via phone or email, for
the life of the dog.

All inquiries are welcome.
Contact us:
Ida and Jack
Groesbeck, Texas
Since we've been raising and training stock dogs, we have rescued Kelpies, Border Collies, 100's of ACD's, Labrador,
Anatolians, several Australian Shepherds and many mixed breeds.  All-in-all, they were good dogs. They
were dogs that were with the wrong handler/owner.  They were dogs that were cast aside because they no longer fit a
purpose, did not or could not work to one person's expectations, was too slow, was the wrong color, didn't have the
correct ear set, and/or many other nonsensical reasons.  These were dogs that succeeded, when placed with the
right person that knew the breed, excepted them for their shortcomings and capitalized on their talents.   

Out of all of those rescues, only 2 Kelpies had to be euthanized because they were so severely mentally abused they
could not be rehabilitated.

A dog is a living breathing animal with a heart and soul.  They think, work problems out, morn for lost loved ones, and
would lay down their life for their master.  They have, since the beginning of time, been our beast of burden, our bed
warmers, our protection, and our loyal companions.  For someone to view and treat a dog as a tool to be discarded,
chained continuously, mistreated, mentally and physically abused or killed because of THEIR shortcomings as a
trainer/handler, has no heart or place in a dogs world.

Our deepest thanks and gratitude to those that helped with the transportation, gave support with kind words and to
those that took these dogs into their home.