few to no ticked/roan
It has often been said that the ACD only come in two colors --- ticked-black/tan or red.  With the help of DNA
testing, this has now proven to be untrue.  

An ACD may also be brown, called "chocolate", red (non-extension, e/e, red, instead of sable red) or white.  
Brown, red and white are not common colors.  The reason these colors are not seen very often is because
they are not actively being bred for, when produced - are not advertised for fear of reprisal from other
breeders and some puppies are actually put to sleep if they are any color other than that of the breed
This is a puppy, of known lineage, that was whelped from
"normal" colored parents.  The sire was a shaded sable red
(meaning he has some black hairs on his back due to having one
ticked-black/tan parent and is a carrier for tan point) and the dam
was a typical ticked-black ACD.  
As with all puppies that are
born with little or no
pigment around/over the
ears, there is a possibility
of deafness.  Deafness is
caused by the lack of
pigment deep into the ear
canal.  The silia,
responsible for vibrating
and catching sound waves,
Her tan points starting coming in as
spots at 8 weeks old.  They are still
light in color.  These are tan points
like a standard colored
ticked-black/tan ACD would have.  
They are very mottled, instead of
more solid colored.

All ACD's are born white, with the exception of facial markings or
body spots, and start to color out at about 3 weeks of age.  Their
skin pigmentation is dark, having a black nose, lips and eye rims.

This puppy was born white, but had pink skin pigmentation --
indicating she would remain white (not color out).